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Single Vehicle Rollover Leads to Multiple Weapons Related Charges by RCMP

Two hands guns with amunition, discovered by RCMP officers at the scene of a single vehicle rollover in Manitoba.
Guns found by RCMP officers at the scene of a single vehicle rollover.

Portage la Prairie, November 20, 2023 - RCMP responded to a late-night distress call on November 16, involving a single-vehicle rollover at Highway 26 and Road 34 West in the RM of Portage la Prairie. The incident led to the discovery of a cache of firearms and subsequent arrests.

Upon arrival at the scene, police found three occupants in the vehicle, hailing from Ontario and British Columbia. While the two male passengers displayed signs of intoxication, they sustained minor injuries and received medical attention. Remarkably, the female driver, though unharmed, wasn't under the influence.

A thorough search of the vehicle unearthed ammunition, prompting the immediate arrest of all three individuals. Upon frisking one of the male occupants, a 42-year-old identified as Todd McGarragle from East York, Ontario, RCMP uncovered two concealed handguns. Further investigation confirmed that the seized ammunition correlated with one of the firearms found.

While the two other passengers were released without charges, Todd McGarragle faces an array of charges, including Carry Concealed Weapon (x2), Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose (x2), Possession of a Weapon Obtained by Crime, Possession of a Restricted Firearm with Ammunition Without Licence, and Unsafe Storage of a Firearm. McGarragle remains in custody pending legal proceedings.

The Portage la Prairie RCMP urges anyone with additional information related to the event to come forward, seeking cooperation from the public to ensure a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the collision.



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