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Suzanne Somers, Iconic Star of "Three’s Company," Passes Away at 76

Winnipeg, October 16, 2023 - Famous actress and entrepreneur, Suzanne Somers, renowned for her iconic portrayal of Chrissy Snow on the hit television series "Three's Company," has passed away at the age of 76. Somers, a beloved Hollywood figure, lost her long-standing battle with breast cancer on a Sunday morning, as confirmed by her family. The sad news was shared through a statement by her dedicated publicist, R. Couri Hay.

Suzanne Somers' passing occurred in Palm Springs, California, where she was surrounded by her immediate family, including her husband, Canadian actor, and TV host Alan Hamel, and their son Bruce.

Over the years, Somers transitioned from her acting career into a successful entrepreneur and author, achieving New York Times best-seller status for her various literary works. Her contribution to the entertainment industry and her enduring presence in the hearts of her fans will be remembered and cherished, making her an indomitable legend in Hollywood's history.


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