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The Manitoba PC Caucus revealed the members of their Shadow Cabinet

Winnipeg, October 25, 2023 - The Manitoba Progressive Conservative (PC) Caucus revealed the members of their Shadow Cabinet, marking their role as the Official Opposition and their commitment to ensuring accountability in the new NDP government.

Heather Stefanson, the Leader of the Party, highlighted the PC's dedication to transforming Manitoba's financial landscape, improving essential services, and bolstering the economy over the past seven years. Stefanson stated, "We laid the groundwork for progress, making Manitoba one of Canada's fastest growing economies. We achieved balanced budgets and made record investments in healthcare, education, infrastructure, public safety, and affordability for Manitobans."

As the incoming NDP government under Wab Kinew gears up for the fall session of the Legislative Assembly, Stefanson emphasized their responsibility to explain their plans for fulfilling their multi-billion-dollar election promises and how they intend to finance these commitments. "Wab Kinew and his new NDP government have just a few short weeks to call and prepare for the fall session," Stefanson asserted, underlining the challenge the incoming administration faces.

Stefanson previously announced her decision to step down as the party leader once the PC party was prepared for a leadership race. This move mirrors the actions of former Premier Gary Filmon in 1999, who stayed on as leader after losing to the NDP. Subsequently, in 2000, Filmon resigned and Bonnie Mitchelson, MLA for River East and a former Cabinet Minister, assumed the role of the first female leader of the opposition.

The PC Shadow Cabinet includes previous and new caucus members who will play vital roles in holding the government accountable and ensuring transparent governance. All 22 elected PC MLA's were given responsibilities. The list of the shadow cabinet members and others assigned additional duties is as follows:

Shadow Cabinet:

  1. Doyle Piwniuk (MLA for Turtle Mountain) — Shadow Minister for Manitoba Public Insurance;

  2. Wayne Ewasko (MLA for Lac du Bonnet) — Shadow Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning;

  3. Derek Johnson (MLA for Interlake-Gimli) — Shadow Minister for Seniors and Long-Term Care;

  4. Bob Lagassé (MLA for Dawson Trail) — Shadow Minister for Mental Health, and Shadow Minister for Francophone Affairs;

  5. Greg Nesbitt (MLA for Riding Mountain) — Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, and Shadow Minister for Efficiency Manitoba;

  6. Jeff Wharton (MLA for Red River North) — Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Investment and Trade;

  7. Rick Wowchuk (MLA for Swan River) — Shadow Minister for Natural Resources;

  8. Josh Guenter (MLA for Borderland) — Shadow Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure, and Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection and Government Services;

  9. Obby Khan (MLA for Fort Whyte) — Shadow Minister for Finance, and Shadow Minister for the Manitoba Public Service;

  10. Wayne Balcaen (MLA for Brandon West) — Shadow Minister for Justice;

  11. Jeff Bereza (MLA for Portage la Prairie) — Shadow Minister for Agriculture;

  12. Jodie Byram (MLA for Agassiz) — Shadow Minister for Labour and Immigration, and Shadow Minister for The Workers Compensation Board;

  13. Kathleen Cook (MLA for Roblin) — Shadow Minister for Health;

  14. Carrie Hiebert (MLA for Morden-Winkler) — Shadow Minister for Housing, Addictions and Homelessness;

  15. Grant Jackson (MLA for Spruce Woods) — Shadow Minister for Manitoba Hydro, and Shadow Minister for the Public Utilities Board;

  16. Trevor King (MLA for Lakeside) — Shadow Minister for Municipal and Northern Relations, and Shadow Minister for Indigenous Economic Development;

  17. Konrad Narth (MLA for La Vérendrye) — Shadow Minister for Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism, and Shadow Minister for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries;

  18. Richard Perchotte (MLA for Selkirk) — Shadow Minister for Advanced Education and Training; and

  19. Lauren Stone (MLA for Midland) — Shadow Minister for Families, Shadow Minister for Accessibility, and Shadow Minister for Gender Equity.

Caucus Officers:

  • Heather Stefanson (MLA for Tuxedo) — Leader of the Official Opposition;

  • Kelvin Goertzen (MLA for Steinbach) — Deputy Leader;

  • Ron Schuler (MLA for Springfield-Ritchot) — Caucus Chair;

  • Derek Johnson — House Leader;

  • Doyle Piwniuk — Chair of Public Accounts;

  • Wayne Ewasko — Whip;

  • Grant Jackson — Deputy House Leader;

  • Kathleen Cook — Deputy Caucus Chair; and

  • Lauren Stone — Deputy Whip.

Manitobans will be watching closely as the Shadow Cabinet takes on its role, providing a crucial check on the decisions made by the provincial government.


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