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Thompson Arsonist Faces Multiple Charges

Friday, July 7, 2023 - A 22 year-old woman from Thompson faces serious charges after starting several fires.

Thompson RCMP received a report that the suspect was at the Thompson General Hospital where she was making threats to start a fire. She then left the hospital and went to a gas station where she put a lit cigarette in the nozzle of a gas hose. She then attempted to light fires at several other pumps but fortunately the gas pumps had been turned off so there was only residual gasoline to ignite. The fires were put out by an employee.

Police attended the scene immediately, got information, and then began to patrol the area looking for the female. A short distance down the road, at the corner of Thompson Drive, Oak Street, and Juniper Place, officers saw a fire in an area where several pieces of heavy equipment and construction material are stored.

When officers approached the fire, they saw the woman sitting on top of the excavator. Police called for fire assistance. Officers were able to get the suspect down safely from the machinery and in custody without incident. Police determined this was the same woman who had been at the hospital and the gas station.

The Thompson Fire Department attended immediately and were able to extinguish the blaze at the construction site. Nobody was physically injured at any of the scenes.

The 22-year-old woman, from Thompson, is charged with Arson with Disregard for Human Life. She remains in custody at this time.


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