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Train Derails After Semi-Truck Collides at Railway Crossing

Manitoba, November 1, 2023 – A collision between a semi-truck and an oncoming train at a railway crossing on Highway 101 in the RM of Springfield led to a derailment Tuesday at 1:55 pm. Manitoba RCMP Traffic Services responded to the incident where the semi-truck and trailer failed to stop, careening into the ditch and damaging the train tracks. The approaching train couldn't halt in time, causing a derailment upon crossing the damaged tracks.

The 69-year-old male driver of the semi sustained minor injuries and was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with Drive Carelessly, facing a fine of $672. Southbound lanes of Highway 101 were closed for hours as authorities worked diligently to clear the derailment site. A Serious Offence Notice was issued in connection with the incident, emphasizing the importance of railway safety for all motorists.


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