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Unruly Fans Disrupt Jets Game & Face Charges

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - A Winnipeg Jets fan is injured at last night game against Colorado and taken to to be treated. Police remove two other fans and charge them with assault.

During the Jets game last night, Winnipeg Police Service assisted Canada Life Centre security staff with several uncooperative patrons being evicted from the Winnipeg Jets game.

Special Duty officers attended the stands, where they located an uncooperative adult female and an adult male detained by True North security staff personnel. Officers placed the suspects under arrest and escorted them from the stands. While in custody, the uncooperative female spat at one of the arresting officers requiring the application of a spit mask to prevent further assault.

Through their investigation, officers learned the male and female suspects were causing a disturbance during the game, which escalated to the point where they required removal from the venue. Two security staff personnel, a 50-year-old female and a 36-year-old male, were assaulted while attempting to detain the suspects. Both victims suffered minor upper-body injuries due to the assault and received medical attention at the scene.

Officers also learned a 54-year-old male victim intervened to assist security when the male suspect assaulted him. The assault caused the victim to lose his balance and fall back onto the ice surface boards, causing a laceration to his head. The victim was transported to hospital, where he was treated for his injury.

The suspects and the victims were previously unknown to one another. Alcohol is believed to have played a factor in the incident.

A 34-year-old male from Winnipeg is facing the following charges:

- Assault x 2

- Resist Peace Officer

A 28-year-old female from The Pas is facing the following charges:

- Assault x 2

- Assault a Peace Officer

- Resist Peace Officer

Both were released on Undertakings as mandated by the Criminal Code.


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