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Winnipeg Appeal May be Costly and Cause the Delay of 1900 Much Needed Housing Units

Friday, September 1, 2023 - The City of Winnipeg is appealing a groud-breaking court order to pay $5 million to the developer of Parker Lands. Justice Shauna McCarthy made the Manitoba Court of King's Bench order on July 6th, 2023. The court found a former chief planner and a senior city planner liable for "misfeasance in public office" and deemed the City of Winnipeg vicariously liable for the delay.

Mayor Scott Gillingham and Councillor Sherri Rollins, the committee chair responsible for approving developments, agreed with City officials to proceed with the risky appeal.

In the aftermath of a lawsuit loss, it is not uncommon for parties to consider their options carefully. However, when a city, as a representative of its residents and stewards of taxpayer dollars, chooses to appeal a lawsuit loss, it should do so with extreme caution. The dangers of such a decision cannot be overstated.

The financial costs associated with appealing a lawsuit loss are substantial. Winnipeg is already under constant pressure to allocate resources wisely, and legal battles are notorious for draining city coffers.

In addition, Winnipeg is facing a housing crisis, and the Parker Lands development would have added over 1,900 units to the Rapid Transit line. Mayor Gillingham's decision to appeal will delay the development of much-needed housing units in Winnipeg.


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