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Winnipeg City Council Considers Adding $3 Million Debt Amid Civic Centre Controversy

Winnipeg, October 11, 2023 - City Council is poised to greenlight a $3 million increase in debt to cover questionable cost overruns with the St James Civic Centre. While at the same time, the city faces a $3 million lawsuit for the same project.

Canotech Consultants, the contracting company responsible for work at the St. James Civic Centre, has taken legal action against the city. Canotech filed a statement of claim in the Court of King's Bench, alleging that the city's work stoppage orders in 2021, citing silica sand contamination, were unjustified and have caused significant disruptions and financial losses.

Canotech is seeking $2.6 million from the city for the work carried out at the community centre. Additionally, they are pursuing a $940,000 refund of fines imposed by the city after it attributed silica and dust contamination to subcontractor Carlson Commercial & Industrial Services, a claim Canotech vehemently denies.

Increasing debt by $3 million and potentially paying another $3 million for the lawsuit begs the question, is this city council commitment to their financial well-being in Winnipeg?


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