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Winnipeg City Hall asking some residents to flush less as raw sewage spews into Red River

Winnipeg City Hall asking some residents to flush less due to raw sewage entering river
Raw sewage spewing into a WInnipeg river.

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 21 -2024 - City of Winnipeg crews and contractors are working to contain a sewage spill into the Red River, emanating from the Fort Garry Bridge. The crisis began late last year when a leak was discovered in a 700 mm pipe, part of a vital infrastructure built in 1970.

Efforts to address the leak were underway, with plans for a bypass system. However, on February 7, 2024, the situation worsened as the remaining 800 mm pipe failed unexpectedly, escalating the urgency of the operation. Tim Shanks, Director of the Water and Waste Department, stressed the challenges faced by crews, with the bypass system's construction expedited in response.

While the bypass system partially mitigates the spill, full resolution hinges on the operational readiness of a second pump. Presently, only one pump is in service, struggling to manage peak flow times adequately.

In light of the ongoing crisis, the City urges residents and businesses in affected areas to minimize water usage. Measures include conservative flushing practices, shorter showers, and postponing non-essential water-related activities.

No information was provided as to why the city waited this long to declare it a crisis. At the same time the issues of againing infrastructure raises the question why city council wants to take revenues from Water and Waste to pay for garbage pick up.

No information has been released by the provincial government on what action, if any, they are taking or what fines the city may face given the environmental damage being caused.


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