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Winnipeg drug-impaired driver enforcement nets significant results

The Winnipeg Police drug-impaired driver enforcement nets significant results
Winnipeg drug-impaired driver enforcement

By: Staff Writer - Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, March 6, 2024 - In a concerted effort to curb drug-impaired driving, the Winnipeg Police Service, in collaboration with Manitoba Public Insurance and MADD Canada, launched a targeted enforcement project in mid-January 2024. The initiative aimed to identify motorists operating vehicles under the influence of cannabis and other drugs, a growing concern in road safety.

The enforcement project, strategically complemented by a multimedia campaign, featured the release of a video along with social media messaging geared towards educating the public on the perils of driving while impaired by cannabis and other substances.

Over the course of the project, which spanned several weeks, the Traffic Division officers conducted a total of 243 traffic stops. Within this sampling, 148 drug screening tests were administered. Alarmingly, 64 drivers, constituting approximately 43% of those tested, yielded positive results for drug impairment. The positive tests, facilitated by approved screening equipment, notably indicated recent cannabis consumption.

Aside from identifying impaired drivers, the enforcement efforts led to the issuance of 36 Provincial Offence Act notices. These notices covered a range of infractions, including improper storage of cannabis within a vehicle and consuming cannabis as a passenger within a vehicle.

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the Winnipeg Police Service stressed that law enforcement possesses the necessary tools and training to detect impaired drivers, irrespective of the substance in question. Importantly, the consequences of driving while impaired by drugs parallel those of alcohol impairment.

As the project concludes, the message resonating from law enforcement is clear: "Don’t Drive High." Driving under the influence of drugs poses significant dangers, is easily detectable, and is unequivocally illegal. The enforcement project underscores the commitment of authorities to safeguard road users and uphold public safety.

In the ongoing battle against impaired driving, vigilance remains paramount, and the collaboration between law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders serves as a vital component in ensuring safer roads for all. #DontDriveHigh.


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