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Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Responds to Two Structure Fires

Winnipeg, November 19, 2023 - The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) responded to two separate structure fires in recent days, underscoring the importance of fire safety measures.

Responding to a monitored fire alarm at a seven-storey hotel on Main Street at 7:02 a.m. on Saturday, November 18, WFPS encountered heavy smoke in the building. Fortunately, the fire was contained by the building’s sprinkler system, aiding firefighters in prompt extinguishing. Occupants either self-evacuated or sheltered in place, with no reported injuries. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, and damage estimates are pending.

On Friday, November 17, at 7:02 p.m., WFPS crews arrived at a three-storey apartment block on Pembina Highway due to reports of a fire in the laundry room. By 7:45 p.m., the fire was declared under control. All occupants self-evacuated without injuries. Preliminary findings suggest the fire resulted from a clothes dryer malfunction, emphasizing the importance of dryer safety practices.

Officials highlighted crucial measures to prevent dryer-related fires:

  • Ensure professional installation and regular servicing of dryers.

  • Lint Filter Maintenance: Always use a lint filter and clean it after each laundry load.

  • Venting System Check: Regularly inspect the venting system to prevent lint buildup or damage.

  • Outdoor Vent Flap: Ensure the outdoor vent flap opens when the dryer operates.

  • Cautionary Measures: Never leave a dryer running unattended.

These incidents emphasize the significance of fire safety awareness and adherence to preventive measures to safeguard against potential fire hazards.


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