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Winnipeg Police Apprehend Suspects After Dramatic Stolen Vehicle Pursuit

Winnipeg Police Air 1 takes over a high dangerous pursuit that leads to arrests.
Winnipeg Police Air 1

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, December 12, 2023 - On Thursday, December 7, Winnipeg Police were egengaged in a of a stolen vehicle report near Portage Avenue and Main Street. Police say they encountered a stolen GMC Envoy with multiple occupants attempting to evade capture. The pursuit escalated as the driver maneuvered erratically, prompting the deployment of Air1 to assist in containment.

The stolen vehicle careened through traffic, endangering bystanders along Colony Street, eventually colliding with another vehicle on Pacific Avenue. Narrowly missing a pedestrian, the suspects abandoned the wrecked car, fleeing the scene. Air1 maintained surveillance, aiding officers in safely apprehending three suspects near Alexander Avenue.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of various police divisions and tactical teams, the suspects were apprehended. Gerry Alvin Rodgers, 29, faces multiple charges including dangerous driving and breaking and entering. Chastity Amber Moar, 22, is charged with breaking and entering a dwelling house. Additionally, a 26-year-old male faces similar charges but was released on an Undertaking as mandated by the Criminal Code.

Rodgers and Moar remain in custody pending further legal proceedings. The swift and collaborative response by law enforcement ensured the containment and apprehension of the suspects involved in this dramatic incident.


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