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Winnipeg Police Service Unveils Cutting-Edge Intersection Safety Camera

Winnipeg, October 12, 2023 - The Winnipeg Police Service has initiated a trial run of a state-of-the-art Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) at the intersection of Portage Avenue and Mount Royal Road. This intersection is one of the 49 existing ISC locations across the city.

The newly introduced camera system, known as the DriveSafe Enforcement System, was installed on Thursday, October 5, at zero cost to the police service and the city. The system boasts video tracking and radar capabilities, which represent a substantial technological upgrade over the traditional cameras employing photographs and road-embedded loops. Furthermore, the DriveSafe Enforcement System is equipped with cutting-edge license plate recognition technology.

During the approximately 30-day testing period, no violations will be issued or processed, and no personal information will be stored. The existing cameras used for photo enforcement have become obsolete, necessitating the introduction of new camera systems that adhere to the Image Capturing Enforcement Regulation under The Highway Traffic Act.


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