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Winnipeg Police use Air-1 to track a stolen vehicle and locate the suspect.

Winnipeg Police use Air-1 to track and arrest the driver of a stolen vehicle.
Winnipeg Police call on help from Air-1

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, January 31, 2024 - Yesterday evening, around 10:20 p.m., Winnipeg Police spotted a stolen 2005 Ford Explorer near Alexander Avenue and Laura Street. Officers initiated a distant pursuit, calling for support from Air-1. The vehicle fled recklessly, prompting officers to disengage. Air1 continued tracking.

The stolen vehicle eventually stopped in the 300 block of Alexander Avenue, where the driver and a passenger exited. The male driver entered a nearby residence while the female passenger hid between residences. With Air-1's guidance, officers arrested the female without incident.

Around 10:55 p.m., with the assistance of the Tactical Support Team, the male driver was directed out of the residence and taken into custody without trouble. Investigation revealed the Ford Explorer had been reported stolen earlier that day from a residence on Selkirk Avenue.

A 31-year-old male from Winnipeg faces multiple charges, including Flight While Pursued by Peace Officer, Operation of a Conveyance While Prohibited by Order Under Criminal Code, Fail to Comply with Probation Order, Fail to Comply with Condition of Release Order (x2), Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000, and warrants (x6). He remains in custody.

The female passenger was released without charges.


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