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Winnipeg Police Welcome Nine New Puppy Recruits

Winnipeg Police Welcome Nine New Puppy Recruits.
Winnipeg Police Welcome New Puppies to the force.

By: Staff Writer l Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, December 8, 2023 - In an exciting development for the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS), the K9 Unit celebrated the arrival of nine adorable puppies on October 12, 2023. The litter, comprising five females and four males, marks a significant addition to the service's future lineup of Police Service Dogs (PSDs).

Proud parents "Arrow" and "Jury," both seasoned working PSDs, welcomed their offspring into the world. Arrow, a first-time mother, underwent an emergency C-section but is now recuperating remarkably well.

Guided by Dr. Erika Anseeuw and the skilled team at Pembina Veterinary Hospital, the slightly premature puppies were safely delivered, setting the stage for their journey into the world.

The initial days were challenging as Arrow adapted to nursing her pups. Stepping in to assist, the K9 Unit took turns aiding the feeding process. Eventually, Constable Moreau and his wife opened their home to the litter, converting a room into a dedicated space for round-the-clock care.

However, one of the pups faced difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Dr. Anseeuw proposed a solution: introducing the struggling pup to "Naomi," a nursing female owned by Svetlana Shakov. Naomi took on the role of a foster mother, offering immediate care and nourishment. After two weeks under Naomi's care, the pup regained strength and rejoined its siblings.

Now eight weeks old, the puppies are poised for their public debut. The media has been granted access to the K9 training facility, providing a unique opportunity to meet these potential future candidates for the Quarry program and eventual PSD roles.

The formal training regimen, spanning 16 weeks, can commence as early as eight months of age. Prior to structured training, the pups will be raised by a police quarry member, initiating the bond crucial for their future roles. These young recruits will accompany their caretakers to work daily, experiencing the sights and sounds of police duties while crated in cruisers—a unique immersive approach rarely seen in other police agencies.

This early exposure and socialization aim to prepare these future PSDs for the challenges ahead, ensuring they're ready to hit the ground running when their formal training begins. The WPS' commitment to this extensive preparation underscores its dedication to nurturing highly capable and well-prepared K9 officers for the future.


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