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Winnipeg Train Derailment Closes Part of McPhillips For an Undetermined Time

Friday, April 21, 2023 - Winnipeg Police and Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service have streets blocked off at this moment. Crews are responding to a train derailment that happened this morning.

During a media conference at 10:00 am, officials with Winnipeg police provided details of the incident and traffic impacts.

Police said twelve rail cars derailed at the underpass of Logan and McPhillips around 7:45 am today. There are no hazardous waste in the train cars, no leaks, and no danger to residents and businesses in the area.

It is undetermined at this point how long McPhillips will be closed to traffic at the underpass. Officials said it may be days. The City of Winnipeg will review the structural integrity of the bridge before allowing traffic to flow.

CP Rail will now assume the scene to begin clean up of the derailment.


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