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Winnipeg Transit Workers Ratify New Agreement with City

ATU members will see general wage increases of 12.6 percent compounded for all members.
Winnipeg Transit members ratify new deal with the city.

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, December 9, 2023 - In a significant development for Winnipeg's transit system, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1505 announced on Friday evening the successful ratification of an offer presented by the city of Winnipeg. The ratified agreement, outlined in a release by the ATU, heralds a range of substantial benefits and improvements for transit workers.

The comprehensive agreement encompasses several key provisions aimed at enhancing the welfare and working conditions of transit workers. Among the notable highlights are substantial wage increases and adjustments, provisions for cultural or religious leave, dedicated funding for mental health resources, and enhancements in weekend premium rates.

ATU members will see general wage increases of 12.6 percent compounded for all members. Additionally, there will be a wage adjustment specifically tailored for Red Seal trades, aligning their compensation with industry wage standards, ensuring parity and fairness across the board.

Recognizing the diverse needs of its workforce, the agreement allocates four weeks of cultural or religious leave, emphasizing respect and accommodation for varying cultural and religious practices among transit employees.

The inclusion of approximately $100,000 annually dedicated to mental health resources signifies a proactive step by the city and the ATU towards prioritizing the mental well-being of transit workers. This allocation demonstrates a commitment to supporting mental health initiatives and providing essential resources for employees facing mental health challenges.

The agreement includes an increase in the weekend premium rate to $3.50 per hour, and an immediate benefit, transit workers will also receive a signing bonus of $1,800.

No official details have been provided by city of Winnipeg officials on what the new contract means to city finances or transit fares.

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