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$60 Million announced for the Arctic Gateway Group

Provincial and Federal governments announce $60 Million for the Arctic Gateway Group
$60 Million announced for the Arctic Gateway Group

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 23, 2024 - Today in Churchill, Premier Wab Kinew and Dan Vandal, Prairies Canada Minister, unveiled a joint investment of up to $60 million for the Arctic Gateway Group (AGG). This substantial funding, a collaboration between the governments of Canada and Manitoba, aims to conclude work on the Hudson Bay Railway, initiate the redevelopment of the Port of Churchill, and enhance the prosperity of communities and sectors reliant on AGG operations.

The AGG, a coalition of 41 First Nation and Bayline communities in Manitoba, operates the Hudson Bay Railway, serving as the primary year-round transportation artery for both passengers and freight to access numerous northern Manitoba communities. The rail line plays a critical role in sustaining supply chains, ensuring local food security, and fostering regional connectivity.

This investment underscores Canada's commitment to economic reconciliation, as the railway's unique community-ownership model advances Indigenous participation in the economy. The Hudson Bay Railway restoration project has been a priority for both the Canadian and Manitoba governments, recognizing its significance as a lifeline for remote and Indigenous communities.

The Port of Churchill, integral to the AGG's operations, stands as the sole deep-water Arctic port linked to North America's surface transportation network. Its strategic position facilitates the import and export of commodities, bolstering Canada's northern sovereignty and security while advancing economic development.

The announcement builds upon previous commitments by both levels of government to restore rail service to Churchill and neighboring communities. Significant progress has already been made through repair and maintenance efforts on the railway, ensuring its operational integrity.

This investment aligns with Manitoba's pivotal role in the net-zero transition, given its abundance of critical minerals. As a gateway to the Arctic, the Hudson Bay Railway and Port of Churchill are pivotal national assets facilitating economic development and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Key stakeholders expressed enthusiasm for the investment, citing its potential to generate jobs, foster trade relations, and drive economic growth. Mayor Mike Spence, chair of the Arctic Gateway Group board of directors, emphasized the significance of government partnerships in advancing infrastructure development in the region.

The investment signals a pivotal moment for Northern Manitoba, positioning it as a vital player in Canada's economic landscape while honoring Indigenous participation and fostering sustainable growth.


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