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Manitoba Government Launches "Listening Tour" to Address Health-Care Staffing Crisis

Winnipeg, November 28, 2023 - The Manitoba Government has initiated a series of in-person conversations aimed at tackling the critical issues faced by front-line health-care workers. What's being called the "Listening Tour," will start on December 4th at Grace Hospital, will facilitate open discussions between government officials and employees across various health-care facilities in the province.

With a focus on fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, Premier Kinew, Health Minister Asagwara, alongside government caucus members, will engage in hour-long dialogues with health-care workers. This initiative seeks to create a platform for frontline staff to openly voice their concerns, share expertise, and propose solutions without fear of reprisal.

The tour is meant to be a proactive effort to redefine the relationship between the government and health-care professionals. Minister Asagwara affirmed, "Health-care workers dedicate themselves to caring for others, but we recognize it is as important to take care of and listen to them as well." This approach reflects the government's commitment to creating a supportive and cooperative environment conducive to delivering improved health care services to Manitobans.

Following the inaugural session at Grace Hospital, the tour is scheduled to visit several prominent health-care facilities across the province in the upcoming months. Locations such as Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Brandon Regional Health Centre, Bethesda Regional Health Centre, Selkirk Mental Health Centre, and Thompson General Hospital are among those on the itinerary.

The government encourages all health-care workers employed in the selected facilities to participate actively in these sessions to ensure their voices are heard and contribute meaningfully to the transformation of the province's health-care landscape.

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