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PC Government Vows Tougher Stance on Crime: Calls for Justice Ministers Summit to Review Sentencing

Winnipeg, September 30, 2023 - In a recent announcement, Kelvin Goertzen, the PC candidate for Steinbach, declared that a re-elected PC government would convene a summit of provincial and territorial Justice Ministers. This gathering would aim to reassess the sentencing guidelines outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada. The objective is to pressure the NDP-Trudeau government for stricter sentencing concerning heinous crimes and to end what Goertzen labelled as the "catch-and-release" policies established during Justin Trudeau's tenure.

Goertzen expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current state of criminal justice in Canada under the leadership of Trudeau. He criticized the leniency of the NDP-Trudeau government's approach, citing alarming statistics from the most recent Statistics Canada crime report. According to the report, homicide rates have increased for the fourth consecutive year, reaching the highest level since 1992. Incidents of gun-related crimes have surged for eight straight years, with victims of violent crimes involving firearms rising by 60 percent since 2013. Additionally, cases of sexual violations against children have risen by 34% in the last five years.

Goertzen emphasized the need for a firmer stance against violent crimes such as pedophilia, murder, and drug trafficking. He argued that the current policies have put Manitobans at risk and asserted that it was time for a change. He urged the citizens to support the PC Team, which he believed was committed to taking a stand against the leniency advocated by the NDP-Trudeau coalition.

As part of their proposed actions, a re-elected PC government would host a summit involving all provincial and territorial Justice Ministers. This meeting aims to devise strategies and establish guidelines to counter the lax sentencing and early release policies introduced during Trudeau's administration. The focus would be on a comprehensive review of Canada's Criminal Code, with specific attention given to sentencing standards. Goertzen also mentioned that the summit would address revisions to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Rejeanne Caron, the PC candidate for Fort Rouge and a veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service, echoed Goertzen's sentiments. Caron, drawing from her experience as a frontline police officer, criticized Trudeau's policies and highlighted the increase in crime witnessed on the streets of Winnipeg. She expressed pride in being associated with a party willing to confront the issue head-on.

With advanced polls already underway, the provincial election is set to take place on October 3, 2023.


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