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Heather Stefanson ends her 23-year political career

Manitoba's first female premier, Heather Stefanson, ends her 23-year political career.
Heather Stefanson ends her 23-year political career.

By: Winnipeg Tribune Staff Writer

Winnipeg, April 25, 2024 - Former premier Heather Stefanson announced her resignation from her legislature seat, marking her departure from political life. Stefanson, 53, who was first elected as a legislature member in 2000, rose through the ranks to become the leader of the Progressive Conservatives and Manitoba’s inaugural female premier in 2021.

In a statement delivered in the Legislature today,April 25, Stefanson expressed gratitude for the opportunities to serve Manitobans, stating, “Serving as (MLA), minister and the first woman premier has been the honour of a lifetime.” She highlighted the significance of her roles in paving the way for future generations of women in public service.

Stefanson was chosen by her fellow Tories to replace former premier Brian Pallister and lead to the party through the next election, which the PC Manitoba Party lost in October 2023.

Following the election, Stefanson had previously announced her intention to step down as party leader, a decision she enacted three months ago.

The departing premier will vacate her legislature seat before the spring sitting resumes on May 6. This move will trigger a byelection in her Tuxedo constituency in Winnipeg. Tuxedo has been known as a Tory stronghold, however, in the last election, the NDP finished a close second.


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