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Jay Grewal leaves Manitoba Hydro as President and CEO

Following a public disagreement with the NDP government, Jay Grewal leaves Manitoba Hydro after five years as CEO.
Jay Grewal, President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro

Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 13. 2024 - Mere weeks after a public disagreement between Manitoba Hydro CEO Jay Grewal and NDP Minister of Finance Adrien Sala regarding the crown corporation's clean energy production plans, a leadership transition has been announced. Grewal, who has served as President and CEO for five years, will be stepping down from her position. Board Chair Ben Graham revealed that Hal Turner, currently holding the role of Vice-President of Asset Planning & Delivery, will assume the role of interim president and CEO with immediate effect.

The decision comes at a crucial juncture for Manitoba Hydro, as the utility faces pivotal choices regarding the fulfillment of Manitoba's energy requirements in the coming years. In addressing the change, Graham emphasized the need for a fresh perspective to navigate these critical decisions effectively.

Expressing gratitude for Grewal's contributions, Graham commended her leadership during challenging times, including navigating the impacts of the global pandemic and other significant transitions.

"While today's decision marks a transition in leadership, it does not diminish Manitoba Hydro's position as one of Canada's foremost green energy producers," Graham affirmed. He emphasized the utility's strong foundation for addressing the challenges of decarbonizing the economy and meeting the increasing demand for clean energy.

Graham announced plans for a comprehensive search for a new president and CEO, with the board initiating both internal and external recruitment processes. Canadian consulting firm MNP has been enlisted to aid in the search for suitable candidates.


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