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Three People Stabbed at a Winnipeg Drug Store in Osborne Village

Winnipeg, November 13, 2023 - A daytime, approximately 1:00 p.m. Sunday, Winnipeg Police responded to a violent altercation at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Osborne Street. The victims, a 57-year-old female, a 30-year-old female, and a 75-year-old male, were attacked by an unidentified female suspect who managed to flee the scene.

The initial investigation revealed that the suspect had drawn the attention of security personnel due to her suspicious behavior. The situation escalated when the suspect brandished a knife, leading to a confrontation with security staff. The assailant then made a hasty exit from the premises, still armed with the weapon. In her escape, she indiscriminately stabbed three customers, causing various injuries.

All three victims were transported to a hospital for treatment. Fortunately, their conditions were reported as stable after medical attention.

WInnipeg Police initiated an extensive search for the suspect in the surrounding area. Their efforts proved successful when, at approximately 1:30 p.m., the suspect was apprehended along the riverbank near the first 100 block of Roslyn Road.

Members of the Major Crimes Unit took charge of the investigation, diligently piecing together the events that led to this violent episode. Subsequently, a 24-year-old female suspect was charged with multiple offenses related to the incident.

The charges filed against the suspect include:

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Assault Cause Bodily Harm (x2)

  • Assault

The suspect has been detained in custody pending further legal proceedings.

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