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NDP green light silica sand project in Hollow Water First Nation

The NDP green light silica sand project in Hollow Water First Nation and Selkirk.
NDP green light silica sand project

By: Staff writer I Winnipeg tribune

Winnipeg, February 14, 2024 - The Manitoba Government green lights a silica sand extraction project in Hollow Water First Nation and the establishment of a solar glass manufacturing facility in Selkirk.

"These projects will create good Manitoba jobs in the trades for Manitobans right here in Selkirk, as well as in Hollow Water and surrounding communities," emphasized Premier Kinew. He described the move as part of the government's critical mineral strategy, aiming to bolster Manitoba's economy while advancing its low-carbon agenda.

Canadian Premium Sand, the proponent behind the ventures, intends to utilize silica sand extracted near Hollow Water First Nation in the Selkirk manufacturing facility. The facility aims to produce up to 800 tonnes of solar glass daily, catering to the burgeoning demand for solar energy panels. Notably, it will be North America's sole low-carbon patterned solar glass manufacturing facility, catering to countries like the United States seeking to localize manufacturing inputs.

Mayor Larry Johannson of Selkirk expressed enthusiasm for the transformative impact of the Canadian Premium Sand project, highlighting its potential to attract further investments and solidify the region's position in North America's evolving low-carbon economy.

The projects underwent rigorous review by department experts and underwent Crown-Indigenous consultation. The approval processes occurred under the PC government from 2019 to 2023, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations and Indigenous engagement.

Hollow Water First Nation and the Community of Seymourville have struck confidential agreements with Canadian Premium Sand, emphasizing economic participation, environmental stewardship, and heritage resource protection.


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